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It’s Time for a New Definition of Leadership It’s Time for a New Definition of Leadership

Change doesn’t just happen overnight; we must make it happen. Solving gender equity issues, as well as effectively navigating other […more…]

Helping Women and Organizations Build Intentional Leaders Leadership Women, Inc.

More than 42 years ago, the intersecting ideas that representation matters and there is strength in numbers sparked nine women […more…]

Accelerating Diversity in Boardrooms Him For Her

The idea for Him For Her began in 2016 when Jocelyn Mangan, founder and CEO, got a fellowship at the […more…]

Helping Women and Girls Achieve Their Full Potential Rise Up

A movement often starts with a moment. For Dr. Denise Raquel Dunning, that moment happened when she was just 12 […more…]

Centering the Leadership of Black Girls Can Change the World Girls for Gender Equity

It’s been more than 20 years since Joanne N. Smith founded Girls for Gender Equity (GGE), a nonprofit that works […more…]

Building Sage and Productive Change Building Sage and Productive Change

In 1965, when Sara Miller McCune was only 24, she founded Sage Publishing, which grew into a major international academic […more…]

Empowering Women from All Generations  The Annenberg Foundation

One of the largest and most impactful private foundations in the United States, the Annenberg Foundation, has led the charge […more…]