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Accessing Pathways to Build a Thriving Future

It wasn’t all that long ago here in the United States, when women were not allowed to own property, open […more…]

The Prism of Philanthropy

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Sex Workers and Survivors Working Together New Moon Network

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Offering Support and Compassion and Never Judgment The Cupcake Girls

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A Beacon of Hope for Women Experiencing Homelessness Downtown Women’s Center

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Offering Women a Lifeline in War-Torn Somalia Elman Peace Center – Somalia

When Ilwad Elman visited her native Somalia, she was eager to reunite with her peace activist mother, who had moved […more…]

Unlocking the Financial Power of Women Entrepreneurs Grameen America, Inc.

Grameen America offers a unique, proven solution to economic inequity in the United States, serving women entrepreneurs who are often […more…]

Building the Future of Finance for Women in Guatemala Friendship Bridge

Every time Mayra, 34, talks about her financial struggles, her eyes well up with tears. “‘Do not give up. You […more…]

Creating a Stronger Los Angeles California Community Foundation

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