On the Journey to Healthy Manhood

Next Gen Men has hope for the future of masculinity. Their four founding values – curiosity, equity, courage, and empathy – fuel their mission to work towards a future where boys and men feel less pain and cause less harm.  Next Gen Men (NGM) was founded 10 years ago, by Executive Director Jake Stika and [...more...]

It’s Time for a New Definition of Leadership

Change doesn’t just happen overnight; we must make it happen. Solving gender equity issues, as well as effectively navigating other pressing challenges that lay before us, from climate change to ethics in AI to threats [...more...]



Innovating Equity in Rwanda Through a “Cooking” Show

Born to a poor family in Western Province, Rwanda, the country’s most conservative province, Jean Berchmans Uwimana was attending medical […more…]

Passion, Purpose, and Profitability.

Kara Nortman, a venture capitalist and tech executive, is currently the co-founder and managing partner of Monarch Collective, a sports […more…]

Behind the Business Revolution for Women

Cherie Blair CBE, KC is an enormously influential figure at the intersection of business, politics, activism, and law. A renowned […more…]

Our World

Women Are Vital Change Agents Pastoral Women’s Council

While Maanda Ngoitiko was growing up in her Maasai community in northern Tanzania, a blade of grass was the symbol […more…]

‘The Brave Ones’:The Largest All-Women Anti-Poaching Unit in Africa Akashinga

The line of green-clad rangers step carefully through the dense foliage of a forest in Zimbabwe, rifles bouncing on their […more…]

A Feminist Approach to Disaster Response Pacific Island Feminist Alliance for Climate Justice

A crumbling sea-worn headstone, half-submerged in dark sand: This is all that’s left of a burial site in Togoru, Fiji. […more…]

Our Solidarity

Preventing Violence, Promoting Healthy Masculinity A Call To Men

In 1990, Tony Porter was director of a substance use program in a hospital north of New York City. There, […more…]

Gender Equality Is Not a Zero-Sum Game Equimundo: Center for Healthy Masculinities and Social Justice

Equimundo’s roots can be found in Brazil, where founder and CEO, Gary Barker, was researching men in Rio de Janeiro’s […more…]

Changing Philanthropy’s Narrative Through Community Involvement Philanthropy Together

Philanthropy Together is a global nonprofit initiative that has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals through its work to diversify […more…]

Our Security

Building the Future of Finance for Women in Guatemala Friendship Bridge

Every time Mayra, 34, talks about her financial struggles, her eyes well up with tears. “‘Do not give up. You […more…]

Sex Workers and Survivors Working Together New Moon Network

For decades, feminists have debated over whether sex work is a viable profession or inherently exploitative. The result of this […more…]

Offering Support and Compassion and Never Judgment The Cupcake Girls

She came to Portland, Oregon, from Lebanon with a husband and children and the promise of the American Dream dancing […more…]

Our Safety

The Power of Collective Giving

Hali Lee has founded or co-founded multiple philanthropy and giving networks, all born from the idea that expanding the notion […more…]

Allies in the Protection and Safety of Women and Girls

The year was 2002. The country, Bolivia. A 15-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her relative over the course of […more…]

Returning to Traditional Values to Safeguard Women and Children Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition

Nicole Matthews was 19 years old when her then-partner tried to kill them both. Believing falsely that she’d been cheating, […more…]

Our Minds

Strengthening Mind and Body Girls on the Run North Bay

Janet Todd, executive director of Girls on the Run North Bay, has the same goal for everyone who participates in […more…]

Offering Lakota Girls a ‘New Beginning’ Pine Ridge Girls’ School

Victoria Shorr still remembers the eagle that soared over her students on the opening day of the academy she co-founded […more…]

Teaching Girls That ‘Jobs Don’t Have Genders®’ Tools & Tiaras Inc.

Nanny. Housekeeper. Personal shopper. Plumber. Judaline Cassidy worked a series of jobs after leaving her native Trinidad and Tobago to […more…]

Our Leadership

Elevating Board Candidates to Diversify the Boardroom illumyn

When it comes to pushing for more equal representation of women and other underrepresented groups in top leadership positions, your […more…]

Helping Women and Girls Achieve Their Full Potential Rise Up

A movement often starts with a moment. For Dr. Denise Raquel Dunning, that moment happened when she was just 12 […more…]

Centering the Leadership of Black Girls Can Change the World Girls for Gender Equity

It’s been more than 20 years since Joanne N. Smith founded Girls for Gender Equity (GGE), a nonprofit that works […more…]

Our Democracy

Women’s Equality Is at the Heart of Democracy

How is it that over 60% of Americans support the legalization of abortion in most cases, but Roe v. Wade […more…]

Shifting Power to Gender Justice Movements Global Fund for Women

What happens when you’ve succeeded with your mission of seeding women-led grassroots organizations for over 30 years, and helped create […more…]

Recruiting and Training Women for Public Office Panorama Global

Today, women hold less than one-third of elected offices in the U.S. at both the federal and state levels. What […more…]

Our Culture

Lifting Up Women and Girls in the Arts Is Vital to Cultural Progress

In virtually all areas of arts and culture, women and girls are underrepresented – and it’s not because they don’t […more…]

The Power of Art and Activism V-Day

Starting with small community performances, a one-woman off-Broadway production, and then performances on college campuses, The Vagina Monologues was a […more…]

Championing Lesbian and Queer Women’s Stories and Culture  The Curve Foundation

“Lesbian” may be the first word in the LGBTQ+ acronym, but The Curve Foundation founders Franco Stevens and Jen Rainin […more…]

Our Careers

Fighting for Gender Justice Equal Rights Advocates

Wealth, in the traditional sense, is often only thought of as money. But what if it transcended that simple definition? […more…]

Achieving Economic Equity Women’s Economic Ventures

Access to credit is a mighty tool in the modern world. Without it, individuals may face barriers to education, housing, […more…]

Valuing the Undervalued National Domestic Workers Alliance

Imagine that the steering wheel of your car malfunctions. Controlling the vehicle becomes extremely challenging and potentially dangerous to all: […more…]

Our Bodies

An Innovator Inspiring More Giving: Jennifer Risher #HalfmyDAF

They say a heart-driven approach to leadership can change the world. If this is true, Jennifer Risher is on her […more…]

Amplifying the Need to Advance Black Maternal Health Black Mamas Matter Alliance

The untimely death of Kira Johnson from internal bleeding after a cesarean section in 2016 highlighted the problem. Tennis champion […more…]

Investing in Women to Change the World Linked Foundation

In 2005, Dorothy Largay received a monetary windfall and asked herself how she could use the funds in the most […more…]

Impact Partners

Leading the Way to a More Equitable and Inclusive World Gibson Dunn

When Katie Marquart joined Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP as a young lawyer, she knew about the firm’s prowess in […more…]

Champion Partners

Shifting Power to Gender Justice Movements Global Fund for Women

What happens when you’ve succeeded with your mission of seeding women-led grassroots organizations for over 30 years, and helped create […more…]

Creating a Stronger Los Angeles California Community Foundation

While he was raised in Southeast Los Angeles County by Mexican immigrant parents, Miguel Santana’s life was mostly driven by […more…]

Bringing About an Era of Radical Generosity The New York Women’s Foundation

Did you know that the word “radical” comes from the Latin word for roots? “Radical means going to the roots, […more…]