2025 Nonprofit Application

Applications are now open for the 2025 Giving List Women Book!

The inaugural Giving List Women Book launched in May 2024 (click here for digital copy or request a free copy here), with the first batch of 125k copies (total distribution will be 175k) being distributed nationwide in late June. 
If you would like to be considered to be featured in the 2025 Giving List Women Book, you can find answers below related to the application, selection criteria, process, and what to expect.

What is the Giving List Women Book?

The GLW Book was created to help donors apply the lens of women and girls to their giving and to help nonprofits on the ground floor of our world’s most vital work tell their powerful stories in a way that can help us all better understand and appreciate the critical services they provide. 
We hope The Giving List Women Book  will help readers break through some of the confusion created by so many pressing needs, and that it will be used as a resource to help donors decide where to invest much-needed support. 

Why do we exist?

Did you know that only 1.8% of philanthropic dollars currently go to women’s and girls’ organizations? It is this staggering statistic that inspired the launch of The Giving List Women. As did coming to understand that whether we give $50 a year or $50 million a year, our greatest chance of moving the needle on any issue we care about is by supporting women and girls – by far the most powerful lever for change in almost every key area of philanthropic focus.

When will the 2025 GLW Book be published?

The 2025 GLW Book will be published in the Fall of 2025.

Do we need to pay to apply?

There are no costs associated with the application. However, if your organization is selected to be featured, we request a contribution of $500 to help support a broad and intentional distribution of the book.

How can our organization be featured in the 2025 GLW Book?

For our inaugural year, organizations were identified and selected in collaboration with our Thought Partners, Champion Partners  and Impact Partners. To be featured in our 2025 edition, we invite organizations to apply online here. Through committees composed of a diverse selection of our 2024 partners, we will identify our next cohort of organizations to be featured.

Alternatively, you can be nominated by one of our featured Champion or Impact Partners (foundations, intermediaries, or companies with a social impact initiative). We encourage you to also explore this avenue with any funders or intermediaries that might be interested in exploring partnership with the Giving List Women. 

What is your selection criteria?

We do not have strict selection criteria as we believe that every organization has a unique story to tell. We also acknowledge that donors have diverse interests, from a desire to invest in small, early-stage pilots to more established tried-and-tested programs. Some donors prefer to support organizations that serve thousands of individuals, while others prefer to support community-based organizations that support hard-to-reach and underserved communities that might consist of a smaller number of individuals.  

Our job is not to undertake robust due diligence of each organization, and we encourage readers to explore organizations that interest them. However, we do believe we have a responsibility to our readers to screen for the stability of organizations. To that end we look at a few indicators such as life-span of an organization, reputable partners, strong leadership and Board, and audited financials. We recognize that start-ups and early stage pilots may not have established these aspects yet and we still encourage them to apply. 

Finally, we seek diversity of organizations across all realms, from size of organization, to type of operating model, to geographic location, life-span and everything else in between. 

What can I expect in the process? 

Step 1: Apply to be featured by completing the application form. The application deadline is August 1, 2024.

Step 2: If our selection committee requires any clarifying information, you may be contacted between August and September. 

Step 3: We will announce the 2025 nonprofit selection on October 1, 2024.

Additional FAQs:

If we were featured last year, can we re-apply?
Due to the limited number of nonprofits we can feature, we ask that you only apply every other year.

We are based outside the U.S. Can we apply?

We are a foundation or collective giving organizations and would like to be featured. Is that possible?
Yes. Please reach out to us to explore becoming a Champion Partner

Our company is prioritizing women and girls through our impact initiatives or core business. Can we be featured in the GLW Book?
Yes. Please reach out to us to explore becoming an Impact Partner

I have a great idea for a Trailblazer who readers should know about. Can I nominate someone, or even myself?
Yes. Please reach out to us with recommendations or nominations

Can I receive a copy of the inaugural GLW 2024 Book?
Yes. Please sign up using this link.