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Passion, Purpose, and Profitability.

Kara Nortman, a venture capitalist and tech executive, is currently the co-founder and managing partner of Monarch Collective, a sports […more…]

A Healthier Coming of Age

Too many preteen girls have the same worrisome rite of passage. Their confidence plummets. They suffer from negative body image. […more…]

Guiding Liberated Futures Grantmakers for Girls of Color

“I’ve been committed to girls of color since I was one.” Dr. Monique Couvson, president and CEO of Grantmakers for […more…]

Strengthening Mind and Body Girls on the Run North Bay

Janet Todd, executive director of Girls on the Run North Bay, has the same goal for everyone who participates in […more…]

Powerful Girls in an Equitable Society Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara

Why is gender equity crucial to building the next generation of leaders in Santa Barbara County and beyond? Girls Inc. […more…]

Offering Lakota Girls a ‘New Beginning’ Pine Ridge Girls’ School

Victoria Shorr still remembers the eagle that soared over her students on the opening day of the academy she co-founded […more…]

Giving Transgender Youth and Their Families Much-Needed Support Stand with Trans

When her son came out to her as transgender 11 years ago, Roz Gould Keith had never heard that term. […more…]

Teaching Girls That ‘Jobs Don’t Have Genders®’ Tools & Tiaras Inc.

Nanny. Housekeeper. Personal shopper. Plumber. Judaline Cassidy worked a series of jobs after leaving her native Trinidad and Tobago to […more…]