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Women Rise to the Challenge

As temperatures rise around the world, one thing is clear: Women are paying an outsized price. The United Nations estimates […more…]

Collaborating with Communities,  Catalyzing Movements Global Greengrants Fund

The water was rising: On the western coast of Bangladesh in the early 2000s, communities deep in the Sundarbans mangrove […more…]

Women Are Vital Change Agents Pastoral Women’s Council

While Maanda Ngoitiko was growing up in her Maasai community in northern Tanzania, a blade of grass was the symbol […more…]

An International Ecosystem of Climate Action Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

The image made headlines around the world: five Indigenous women in traditional regalia standing outside the imposing facade of a […more…]

A Feminist Approach to Disaster Response Pacific Island Feminist Alliance for Climate Justice

A crumbling sea-worn headstone, half-submerged in dark sand: This is all that’s left of a burial site in Togoru, Fiji. […more…]

‘The Brave Ones’:The Largest All-Women Anti-Poaching Unit in Africa Akashinga

The line of green-clad rangers step carefully through the dense foliage of a forest in Zimbabwe, rifles bouncing on their […more…]

A Gender Equality Collective Tackles the Hierarchy of Patriarchy Global Center for Gender Equality

People don’t always agree on what feminism, equality, or system change is or looks like. But what can be agreed […more…]